The one and only official ONE PIECE concert, the world most read Japanese manga!

After attracting over 15,000 spectators in France, England, Denmark, China and Hong Kong (among others), La Fée Sauvage is to produce it's sequel! Directly following the first ONE PIECE concert, ONE PIECE MUSIC SYMPHONY 2 : GO TO THE NEW WORLD is a symphonic concert performed by more than 50 live professional orchestra musicians accompanied by an HD video projection that gathers all the best moments of Luffy and his faithful companions. In the wake of the first concert program, this updated show is now dedicated to the adventures of the “New World”, the most dangerous and anxious area in the universe of ONE PIECE !

You can relive the adventures of your favourite crew with a full symphonic orchestra playing in sync with the greatest moments of the story projected on a giant screen : the rescue of Princess Shirahoshi from the Fish-Man Island arc, the release of the children from Punk Hazard, Luffy and Sabo’s reunion, and the final fight against Doflamingo. An impressive 50 musician symphony orchestra on stage will play a selection of the most epic musical themes (BGMs) from the TV series. An original and grandiose concept (re)discovers the strength and power of live orchestral music while plunging into the latest adventures of ONE PIECE.

It is an original and entertaining way to educate children and adults about orchestral music, where the themes of the series are played identically to their performances in the TV series, magnifying the experience! A work such as ONE PIECE is a fantastic way to raise awareness of the essential impact created by music. Indeed, does not music amplify the power of the emotions? Suspense, thrills, adventure, magic... all these emotions are woven through the beautiful soundtrack of the series that perfectly accompanies the exciting story !


ONE PIECE is the work of Eiichiro Oda, and is a Japanese manga work that was adapted into a long-running family TV series.
It narrates the adventures of Monkey.D.Luffy, a valiant captain who seeks to become the Pirate King. Accompanied by his many friends, he travels the world in search of the greatest treasure of all time, the ONE PIECE. On June 15, 2015, ONE PIECE officially entered the Guinness Book of Records as the cartoon series, produced by a single author, having the largest number of copies in circulation worldwide.
The saga ONE PIECE holds the world record of 90 (in Japan) volumes of manga that have sold more than 440 million copies. The adventures have been broadcast over 850 TV episodes and 13 animated film adaptations. This crazy, incredible success has not resulted in any less hard work from its author, who built a stunning imaginary empire. The saga’s gripping storyline with real geopolitical context, charismatic characters in a complex past and curious mysteries keeps its many, many fans in suspense !
The TV series is currently broadcast in France in simulcast on the ADN platform. ONE PIECE is No. 1 in France in sales of licensed cultural products, demonstrating that ONE PIECE has undoubtedly become a part of the world’s culture.
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Go to the NEW WORLD

In the second part of ONE PIECE that is conveyed in the new concert, after a break of two years, Luffy is back on Sabaody Island and has gradually found all the crew members. After a hard, energetic hard drive to develop and optimize their fighting techniques, they take to the sea for a long journey in the New World, the most dangerous maritime area of the ONE PIECE universe. To get there, they will sail across a deep sea that will take them to Fishman Island, where past discords between humans and the fishmen resurface. They will continue their journey to the island of Punk Hazard, the former base of the World Government, where many secrets will be revealed and where an alliance between Luffy and Trafalgar Law will be born. After these adventures, Punk Hazard pushes them to continue their journey to the island of Dressrosa, the fief of Don Quixote Doflamingo, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, for a terrible fight ... During this dangerous journey, the crew of Straw Hat will see all the colours, but Luffy and his companions never cease to ramp it up !

About Composer Kohei Tanaka

Japanese composer, arranger and singer Kohei Tanaka has written the musical scores for numerous famous anime TV series, OVAs, movies, computer games and tokusatsu series, among them ONE PIECE, Sakura Taisen, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Gunbuster! Tanaka began playing the piano at an early age. After graduating from the Osaka Seiko Gakuin High School, Tanaka attended Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music for music composition, notably studying under Tomojirō Ikenouchi. Tanaka worked for three years at the advertising department of Victor Music Industries after his graduation. Thereafter, he attended the Berkley College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, for two years and then returned to Japan to work as both a pianist and a composer. At that time, he was requested to arrange a song in Arcadia of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX, a 1982 TV anime program. It was his first work as a composer.
He next produced some songs and arrangements for the Super Sentai series, and his first position as the main composer for a project was for the TV anime series Konpora Kid in 1985. His compositions for TV are audience-friendly and demonstrate his mastery of “hot” string sounds with piano, brass instruments and timpani. Tanaka has also composed music for the computer game, Sakura Wars Project, which provided him with the opportunity to experiment composition in other musical genres.

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