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Nobuo Uematsu goes to Australia on September, 2024!

Nobuo Uematsu, composer of FINAL FANTASY series and many other game music, will hold his first overseas performance of Nobuo Uematsu conTIKI SHOW in Australia!

The live performance will include a solo performance by Nobuo Uematsu himself & a live band performance by Nobuo Uematsu’s band. His solo performance will feature music from Modulation - FINAL FANTASY Arrangement Album, a record album that he handled everything from arrangement to mixing all by himself for the first time, just released on November 9, 2022. Band will play vocal songs from FINAL FANTASY series such as Suteki da ne and Melodies of Life. Also reading of Story of Blic-0, an original work that Nobuo Uematsu wrote both the story and the music will be performed for the first time overseas.

Performers:  Nobuo Uematsu (Keyboard), xiao (Vocal), Yasushi Yokokawa (Guitars), Chihiro Fujioka (Percussions), Rie Tozuka (Reading)


Tickets available now :

5 September, 2024 (7.30pm) - Melbourne (Recital Center)


8 September, 2024 (7.30pm) - Sydney (State Theatre)

Buy tickets : https://www.ticketmaster.com.au/event/130060D5EE0237D9