FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestra Concert 2018 -Eorzean Symphony-

American and European Premiere!!

Select tracks from FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online’s expansive collection, performed live by a full orchestra! Come, brave warriors! Step into a realm of music!

Premiering in Tokyo last September, Eorzean Symphony featured a full-scale symphonic orchestra, choir, renowned soloists, and excerpts from the game projected in sync on a giant screen, for a thrilling and fully immersive audio visual experience. The American and European premiere will feature a very special guest lineup, beginning with Naoki Yoshida (Producer and Director) and Masayoshi Soken (Sound Director and Composer), who together created this new concert experience, and also feature performances by Susan Calloway, the original vocal artist of "Answers" and "Dragonsong."

In a heartbeat, just a few musical notes will bring you back to treasured memories, endless adventures and countless quests in the enchanted realm of Eorzea. Newcomers and potential players will also have a chance to immerse themselves in the world of FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online. The night will be a unique, magical moment to remember, a thrill to share with other players, and a chance to be swept away by emotions through breathtaking melodies for all FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online enthusiasts.

About Naoki Yoshida (Producer and Director)

Naoki Yoshida is the global producer and director of FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online. He took over production of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn in 2010 with a complete overhaul that included new graphics engine, user interface, and server structure. Simply put, the game was rebuilt from the ground up to appeal to a modern MMO audience. In addition to his responsibilities for FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online, Yoshida also serves as head of Business Division 5 within SQUARE ENIX Co. Ltd. Yoshida began his career at SQUARE ENIX in 2004, where he eventually became the head of the DRAGON QUEST: Monster Battle Road series, as well as a game designer of Dragon Quest X in its early stages.

About Masayoshi Soken (Sound Director and Composer)

Masayoshi Soken is a sound director and composer at SQUARE ENIX. A multi-talented sound creator, he handles everything from the music, sound effects and dialogue to the overall sound design of games; he has his hand in every sound that emanates from the games that he works on. Masayoshi Soken has received widespread acclaim for his work on the FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online Original Soundtrack series, a continuing series of “interactive” soundtracks created using high-resolution audio. Seven albums in the series have been released as of July 2017. Representative works include FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online, the Lord of Vermillion series, the Nanashi no Game series, Dawn of Mana, Mario Sports Mix, Mario Hoops 3-on-3, Drakengard 2 and Drakengard 3.

About Susan Calloway (Vocal Artist)

Susan Calloway is an award winning singer, pianist, and songwriter from the U.S. Her powerful voice brings an emotional and heart-felt perspective to FINAL FANTASY's vocal favorites. In addition to her many live performances with the Distant Worlds concert series and Audio CD's, she is the featured vocalist who sings both "Answers", "Dragonsong" and "Revolutions" for FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online. More info at


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