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After a tremendous Europe Tour in 2012 that everyone remembers thanks to its exclusive set-list, intimate atmosphear and proximity with the composer, Nobuo Uematsu will be back on stage in November 2014 ! He will be joined this time by more musicians from the Earthbound Papas, all famous composer in the video games world, and working with him for years !

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So you will get on stage along with Nobuo Uematsu on keyboard: Michio Okamiya (guitar), Tsutomu Narita (keyboards, guitar), Yoshitaka Hirota (bass) and Chihiro Fujioka (drums).

And only one promess for this new instrumental live European tour : even much more FINAL FANTASY than in 2012 !



5 november 2014 - Conservatoire Royal (Bruxelles)
8 november 2014 - Le Trianon (Paris)

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